Teaching College Writing Through Drama Pedagogy

In January, I presented “An Introduction to Drama Pedagogy, An Arts-Based Engagement Strategyat Middlesex Community College’s Winter Workshop for English Part-Time Faculty and “Off the Page, Onto the Classroom Stage: Discoveries Through Play with Text and Language”  at New York City at the CUNY Games Festival, a games-based learning conference.

Here’s my description for my presentation at the CUNY Games Festival:

Looking for new ways to interest and engage students in writing? Using the creative techniques of drama and playwriting, these games will hook students’ attention easily and open new pathways to course learning outcomes. I’m a composition instructor with a passion for drama, and I created these games to “stir up” my classes and encourage students to get excited about writing!

1.“Quote Combat”: An interactive exercise to discover how writers construct arguments

2.“Opposites Attract”: A dialogue writing exercise to explore opposing viewpoints

3. “Eagle Eye”: An interactive exercise to improve observation skills and incorporation of descriptive details into writing

My presentations at Middlesex and at the CUNY Games Festival were both well-received!

Next up, the 2014 American Democracy Project /The Democracy Commitment National Meeting through the Bridging Cultures to Form a Nation initiative in Louisville, Kentucky this June.  Plans are under way for a co-presentation on drama pedagogy and service-learning. Looking forward!


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